Bad Checks

How to Report a Check to the Program:

  • badcheckFile checks within 90 days of transaction date.
  • Use one Bad Check Crime Report for each check writer you report.
  • List any attempt to notify the check writer whether by telephone or through the mail. Describe the result.
  • Photocopy everything you send to the District Attorney's program.
  • Fill in the Bad Check Crime Report as completely as possible. Attach the original check(s) and other supporting documents (i.e. the bank notice, copy of 10 days courtesy notice, certified mail receipt) and mail to:

Riverside County District Attorney
Bad Check Restitution Program
P.O. Box 55099
Riverside, CA 92517-0099

For more information and to find forms, please go to:

After a Check Is Reported:

  • telephoneAfter a check has been reported to the program, do not accept payment from the check writer. Refer the check writer to the District Attorney's Bad Check Restitution Program to make payment:
    Check Writer Line (800) 931-9550

  • You will not be contacted about the status of your case by the District Attorney's Program. If you do not receive restitution after 60 days, contact:
    Victim Hotline (800) 584-3201

    Once restitution has been recovered, you will receive payment from the District Attorney's Bad Check Restitution Program. If the check writer fails to comply with all requirements of the program, your case will be reviewed for prosecution. If your case is prosecutable, you will not receive further notice until the suspect has been arraigned in court. If for some reason the case is not prosecutable, the check will be returned at your request.

For Further Assistance:

  • Learn more about the Bad Check Restitution Program
  • Contact your local Community Relations Representative for on-site counsel or to order program supplies:
    Riverside County (866) 894-7604

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